Del Zotto Offers Quality Concrete Forms and Quality Customer Service

Del Zotto Products Precast Concrete Form

Del Zotto has been an industry leader in concrete forms for over 50 years and there are some very good reasons for that.

In addition to treating their customers as family, they’re true innovators. Bill Del Zotto, founder of Del Zotto Manufacturing, started out making steps and step forms, then septic tanks and septic tank forms. From those early forms, Bill built really smart concrete forms by making them safe and easy to strip, pour and maintain. He invented and patented 100’s of pre-cast forms and equipment.

Only Del Zotto has patented designs including these features; covered inner cores, tapered aluminum pouring pans, elevated lid casting decks, mechanical and air striping, vibrator brackets, and mounting plates.

Precast Concrete Columns

Del Zotto’s Concrete Forms 

Del Zotto is one of the few companies in the industry that uses air tubes in their forms, which allows them to release the molds easier. This also allows for less labor and is overall more efficient to save your bottom line.  Also, the forms are tested in-house to ensure that they are the best possible quality.

They pour and strip all new forms, before being shipped or picked up. And once you receive your form they just don’t leave you hanging. They provide you with a comprehensive recommended reinforcing schedule and.

We are proud to not only sell you the best possible product, but to also equip you with the information needed to maintain and use it successfully. 

Del Zotto Products' Precast Concrete Forms

Del Zotto Goes Above and Beyond For Customers Expectations

We take pride in having the heart of a teacher. We have mastered navigating our customers through the various unique requirements that each local municipality has for concrete forms. We do the homework and make sure that before they even think about going live with a project, they have covered all possible ground. Del Zotto wants customers to feel confident in the fact that they will pass municipal inspections, which is why we create a drawing of the mold based on the municipal specs required.

Here at Del Zotto, we have an open door policy for all our customers. When we do form sales, we encourage customers to come directly to the plant and allow them to see the correct way to pour concrete first hand from the experts.

We are members of the National Precast Association and have been serving the road construction business to meet many of their needs. There is good reason why Del Zotto has been an industry leader for so many years. We are innovators, teachers, and have unbreakable ethics.

Call us today to inquire about our forms or other products.