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See how concrete mixers can make your life easier!

Push Button Concrete. Del Zotto Improves How Concrete is Made

Every one of our simple-design units come assembled and tested, and do not use conveyor belts, drive wheels, or hydraulic/air valves.

Del Zotto mixers are ready to make you money the moment you receive them.

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  • Wet Cast Concrete Mixers

    Del Zotto offers a system that is fast, efficient and simple. With over 20 years of mixer manufacturing expertise, we sell the best wet cast mixing system for the pre-cast industry. Our mixers include a Volume-Tron Tracking System.

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  • Cement Silo

    Designed and developed by  Del Zotto Products, this cement silo has been designed especially for pre-casters. Built with heavy gauge steel to support rugged use, our cement silos meet all EPA standards. We provide complete setup with cement auger, hi-low indicators, air-fluffer bags, and state of the art dust collector. Custom modifications are available.

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  • Dry Cast Concrete Mixers

    Del Zotto dry cast mixers fit virtually any dry cast production demand and are perfect for consistently correct, zero slump concrete.  Our mixers include a Volume-Tron Tracking System.

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  • Dual Speed Mixing Drop Auger

    Del Zotto’s dual speed drop auger provides you with reliable and complete mixing of the matrix that positively combines the matrix of cement powder, sand and rock. Adaptable to all screw and blender machines, our mixing drop auger is designed for fast production, it’s easy to maintain, simple to operate, cost efficient, and it produces consistent quality.

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  • Concrete Pouring Buckets

    Whether it’s one cubic yard or any capacity you want, Del Zotto’s pouring buckets give you all the extra hands you need to work quickly, safely and efficiently. Our pouring buckets are built with heavy gauge steel to support rugged use, have built-in hooks and handles and have a positive lever action dump gate.

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