The Del Zotto Family Legacy

The Del Zotto Family Legacy

Born in 1901, William Mario Del Zotto was an immigrant from Italy to the U.S. during the beginning of the European Arena of World War II. He worked as a brick layer in the coke ovens of US Steel in Duluth, MN. William Mario helped his son William John Del Zotto, born in ’42, get his start in the pre-cast concrete business and continued to give him advice right up to his death in 1984.

William John (Bill) Del Zotto founded Del Zotto Manufacturing. Bill started out just making steps and step forms, then septic tanks and septic tank forms.

From those early forms, Bill built smarter and more efficient concrete forms by making them safer and easier to strip, pour, and maintain. He invented and patented hundreds of pre-cast forms and equipment.

The Del Zotto Legacy Continues

Son, William Mark (Billy Jr.) Del Zotto, owns Del Zotto Products of MN and TX. Billy Jr. has accomplished perfecting what was by inventing more and better forms such as the wet-cast and dry-cast concrete mixing systems.

Sons & Daughters Philip, Mary, Mario, Abigail, Elizabeth, and Miella Del Zotto, have assumed the administrative roles of the Florida, and Freeport, Grand Bahama businesses. The Del Zotto Daughters & Sons have been responsible for designing and perfecting the engineering and design of the RCP/Pipe machinery, forms and equipment, along with expanding into other retail industries, including but not limited to, Furniture, Hardware, and Building Materials.

Del Zotto has always been renown within the concrete industry as the source for quality products. We aim to provide a one-stop concrete industry superstore.