Concrete Pipe Machine Tours

Come and See Our Low-Maintenance Concrete Pipe Machine in Action

The Del Zotto Pipe Plant in Action

The Del Zotto pipe machine is operated primarily via hydraulic pump systems to manipulate the carousel/turntable and the dry-cast concrete conveyor system

Del Zotto no longer provides pipe plant set-up

But you are welcome to tour our Florida facilities which include:

  • Mixer and Silo, Primary Hopper, Conveyor, Turntable, Press Head, Header Oil Dunk Tank, Conveyor Pouring Chute, Pickup Bar with Air-Assist, Wire Roller Machine, D-Load Machine (3-EB), all Hydraulic Pumps & Tanks, Pallets, Headers, and Pipe Forms.

We can answer questions about:

  • D.O.T. requirements.
  • What pipe sizes to start out with.
  • How many pallets and headers you will need.
  • Suggested mix designs considering your aggregates to concrete as per requirements.

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We Welcome Visitors!

Questions? We Have Answers:

Del Zotto’s RCP Concrete Pipe Machine Features:

  • 3-Stations which accommodate either single or double forms are available and can be fitted to your initial—as well as any subsequent set-ups.
  • All pipe forms include reliable inner core vibration systems.
  • Pipe production of 80—120 pipe/day as average (approx. 800 feet/day)

Our Skilled Employees:

  • 1-Mixing
  • 3-Turntable Stations
  • 1-Hoist Operator
  • 1-Cage Machine