Concrete Pipe Machine

The Only Simple, Low-Cost, & Low Maintenance Concrete Pipe Machine

Affordable Concrete Pipe Machinery

The Del Zotto Pipe Plant is a completely non-automated machinery configuration that is simple to use on a daily basis without missing a day’s worth of production time. This makes for an affordable way to get into and stay in the pipe business, as other computerized mechanized and automated pipe machines cost a fortune to maintain and own. In fact, you could build three or four Del Zotto Pipe Plants for the cost of one highly automated plant!

Building Your Concrete Pipe Plant

With Del Zotto, you can build your own pipe plant from the ground up—including choosing a limited number and size of pipe forms, pallets and headers you would like to start out with. Pipe plans can be altered anytime with additional different sized pipe forms and turn-table deck slots. Del Zotto Pipe Plants can accommodate pipe form sizes from 12” to 72” (round or elliptical).

The Del Zotto Pipe Plant in Action

The Del Zotto pipe machine is operated primarily via hydraulic pump systems to manipulate the carousel/turntable and the dry-cast concrete conveyor system

Del Zotto can quote you and provide you with an entire pipe plant set-up

The set-up includes:

  • Mixer and Silo, Primary Hopper, Conveyor, Turntable, Press Head, Header Oil Dunk Tank, Conveyor Pouring Chute, Pickup Bar with Air-Assist, Wire Roller Machine, D-Load Machine (3-EB), all Hydraulic Pumps & Tanks, Pallets, Headers, and Pipe Forms. Essentially everything ready to hook-up to your electrical service!
  • Del Zotto shall provide you and your employees with initial training and ongoing technical assistance. We will also be ready, willing and able to supply you with “off-the-shelf” replacement parts.
  • NOTE: The only things we will not be able to provide you with are the building itself, electrical service, air compressors, bridge cranes, hoists, nor any necessary steam or heat curing systems. But we can and will give you good ideas or advice if asked for.

As far as your Pipe Sizes and Profiles, we will help you:

  • Ascertain exactly what you will have to comply with depending upon your State D.O.T. requirements.
  • Determine what pipe sizes to start out with.
  • Determine how many pallets and headers you will need.
  • Achieve accurate mix designs considering your aggregates to concrete as per requirements.

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Del Zotto’s RCP Concrete Pipe Machine Features:

  • 3-Stations which accommodate either single or double forms are available and can be fitted to your initial—as well as any subsequent set-ups.
  • All pipe forms include reliable inner core vibration systems.
  • You can count on pipe production of 80—120 pipe/day as average (approx. 800 feet/day)

Full-Production Labor Requirements:

  • 1-Mixing
  • 3-Turntable Stations
  • 1-Hoist Operator
  • 1-Cage Machine

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