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finishing trowel

How to Master the Art of the Finishing Trowel

A finishing trowel is an important tool for many types of construction. It’s used to smooth out materials like mortar, plaster, and concrete. It has a very straight, angled blade designed to fit precisely into right angles and smooth out the surface of the mixture in straight lines. Choose the Right Trowel This tool isn’t designed for cutting but over […]
concrete kitchen counters

How to Pour Concrete Kitchen Counters the Right Way

Concrete kitchen counters are a great choice in residential or commercial kitchens. They’re very durable and affordable compared to some other materials, and the versatility of concrete provides many options in styles and shapes. Creating concrete kitchen counters isn’t difficult. Prepare to Pour Concrete  Kitchen Counters Are you ready to get to work. To prepare for your concrete kitchen counters, […]
self build concrete construction

Self-Build Concrete Construction Blocks Cut Work Time in Half

Tabulating the cost to build a concrete structure must include labor, which is the most variable and expensive part of the total project expense. While cost for materials remains mostly fixed, labor costs generally add 125 percent to 150 percent to the total project bill. Building in economically suppressed areas can pose some serious challenges for contractors whom are sometimes […]
concrete fencing

The Benefits of Concrete Fencing

The Benefits of Concrete Fencing You want to build a fence to keep the dogs, the kids, the intruders or even the door-to-door sales people out. Or in, depending on whom they belong to. Fences provide security, privacy and safety. But what type of fencing do you want: wood, steel, coated aluminum, wrought iron, bamboo, vinyl, chain link, prefab concrete […]
DIY concrete projects

8 Fun DIY Concrete Projects

You might only associate concrete with construction workers and early 20th century Chicago mobsters. But concrete, the stuff of human civilization and architecture, also has many decorative and home-improvement uses. Although mixing and allowing concrete to cure properly requires precision and careful planning, homeowners can find many wonderful uses for the material. Here are eight fun DIY concrete projects to […]
concrete skate ramp

How Do You Build a Skate Park?

What makes skateboarding so fun and so thrilling – besides the death-defying twists and turns, the hops, the skips and the jumps? Well, that’s about it, the hops, the skips and the jumps, except maybe the building of the concrete skate ramp. So how do you build a skate park? Here are 10 steps. Build Your Own Skate Park Zoning: […]
hoover dam concrete

How Long Will It Take For The Concrete In The Hoover Dam To Cure?

Only an anthropologist would imagine a world without humans. Only an anthropological engineer would imagine what monuments of human civilization would survive the longest for other intelligent life to examine. And only an architect would say it’s probably the Hoover Dam, the massive concrete structure built on the Colorado River in the early 1930s. What makes this man-made structure of […]
concrete skate ramp

Steps to Building A Concrete Skate Ramp

The rain may come. Wood may bend or rot. But a concrete skate ramp will always lead to the best kickflips, flip tricks, heelflips, ollies, fakies, goofyfoots and tailslides. For the unenlightened, those are skateboard moves, and while wood ramps may make cool rolling noises, concrete provides unbeatable stability and precision. And they last forever. Taking the Right Steps How do […]