Differences between Wet Cast and Dry Cast Concrete

Wet Cast Concrete

This article will take a closer look at both wet cast and dry cast concrete production. Del Zotto is dedicated to providing you with the information and tools to best assist you. Regardless of which application you chose, we are here to guide you through the process.

The Concrete Process

Concrete is a hard construction material: a mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, and water in specific proportions that hardens to a strong stony consistency over varying lengths of time.

Wet Cast

Wet cast concrete is a flow-able form of concrete which may be poured from a mixer, hopper or truck. Wet cast concrete is often used in the precast industry, where it is cast in forms and stripped, finished and marked prior to shipping. Wet cast is often used for larger pieces that are more complex and need flow-ability in the concrete in order to consolidate around reinforcement and throughout the form. With wet cast, two pours a day are the maximum and require certain mix designs and additives to accomplish re-pours. The Del Zotto Concrete Mixer has over 20 years of proven quality assurance from Petrographic analysis, density, air, slump, compressive strength as well as all other plastic property testing.

Differences Between Wet Cast and Dry Cast Concrete

Dry Cast

Dry cast on the other hand has a low water to cement ratio and a zero slump. This “Dry Process” allows you to use one form and pour numerous pieces without deformation. The concrete is stripped and resembles Hard clay and dries within and hour. The Del Zotto Concrete Mixer is proven itself and a larger market for dry cast products is in demand. The ability to dry cast Box Culverts, Concrete Pipe, Man Holes and various  other products makes this a very lucrative and profitable business.  More rigid formwork is necessary for dry-cast manufacturing than for normal-slump concrete production. Rigid forms and accessories will transfer vibrations more effectively and can withstand the continuous impacts of the consolidation process. Otherwise, the forms will likely wear or become damaged prematurely.

The Great News

Del Zotto Mixers  are capable of wet cast or dry cast with little or no modification. This is revolutionary in the industry. Del Zotto’s Patented Mixers are Volumetric and work consistently and accurately without all of the conveyors for weighing materials as in Gravimetric systems.

Del Zotto Mixers

Del Zotto Volumetric mixers are time proven to increase profitability and reduce labor. The Del Zotto Mixers are extremely cost effective and require little maintenance. The Volumetric system with its simple automated controls gives the batch plant operators all that they need to produce many mixtures of concrete with the ability to add an array of additives through the built in Add– mix pumps.

This is where Del Zotto Products expertise comes to play. Our mixers are built to with stand the rigorous process of daily batching through all weather and conditions. Was this article helpful? Feel free to contact us or set up a time to visit our facility to learn more.