Tour the Del Zotto Precast Concrete Facilities

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Tour Our Facilities

Here at Del Zotto, we have an open door policy for all our customers. When we do form sales, we encourage customers to come directly to the plant and allow them to see the correct way to pour your forms first hand from the experts.

From Quote to Drawing

First, we take you through our administrative process. We take pride in having the heart of a teacher. We have mastered navigating our customers through the various unique requirements that each local municipality has. We help them do the homework and make sure that before they even think about going live with a project, they have covered all possible ground. Del Zotto wants customers to feel confident in the fact that their new form will meet their local municipal requirements, which is why we create a drawing of the mold our customer wants based on the municipal specs required in their region.


Tour of the Production Shop

Next, we take you to our production facility. We have shops for our manholes, inlets, boxes, septic tanks reinforced concrete pipe, four separate batch plants and more. We walk you through our pouring process. At Del Zotto we use a volumetric mixer batching system. Gravimetric systems tend to be more involved. Volumetric systems allow for easy mixing and an overall easier batching process at 1/3rd of the cost of other batching systems.

We also have a tour of our drycast pipe facility available. Here is a video of our plant and how we use our pipe forms.

Lastly, we walk you through our stripping and dressing process to get ready to the final product ready to be stripped and delivered to the customer.

For over 50 years the Del Zotto family has been serving the concrete industry with steel forming systems and concrete products. We invite you to come and visit our facilities or call us anytime, whether you are just starting out new or are an established pre-cast business, our doors are always open to you and your staff. We are experts in the concrete form industry and are recognized for having only the best forms and handling equipment you can buy.