A Look at the National Precast Association’s Precast University

National Precast Concrete Association

The National Precast Association (NPCA), founded in 1965, offers several certificate programs for precasters with its Precast University curriculum. The NPCA “represents manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products and the suppliers of products and services for the industry.” It represents over 800 members.

Its stated mission is “expanding the use of quality precast concrete and to providing members with the technical support, educational opportunities, certification programs and informational resources required to operate a successful precast concrete manufacturing company in today’s competitive construction environment.”

The Precast University Curriculum

Precast Form Information

Precast University is offered online and is featured at the annual NPCA Precast Show.

“The Master Precaster and Master Prestresser certificate programs include precast and prestress-specific training with comprehensive education courses for production, safety, technical, quality control and leadership. Developed in conjunction with industry experts, producers, DOTs and academia” the Precast University curriculum complements employees that new to the industry, and employees with precast or prestress experience who want to progress their careers.

Because the precast industry is constantly evolving in the precast industry, their curriculum is often checked by producers, departments of transportation, specifiers and others involved with creating and enforcing industry standards.

The NPCA created a video about the first successful completion of the Master Precast program. Mike Loy received the title of Master Precaster on March 3, 2012. Many have since followed in his footsteps.

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