Precast Versus Site-Cast Concrete

Del Zotto Plant

One of the most significant decisions in any construction project centers on concrete. When it comes to concrete casting, you have two major options: precast and site-cast. At Del Zotto Products, we know that each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages to consider. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider the following factors.

Labor Intensity

You’ll want to know how much effort it takes to install this concrete. Precast concrete is much less labor-intensive than site-cast concrete. Why? All you have to do is make sure you have space for the product. With site-cast concrete, you have to bring in the forms, set them up, perform on-site tests and perhaps even wait for a concrete truck to arrive. When it comes to labor intensity, precast concrete is the way to go.


Precast Concrete is Less Labor Intensive and More Cost Effective

How much are you willing to pay for your project? This factor is another vital player in the concrete choice equation. For the most part, precast concrete is a great deal cheaper than site-cast. The forms can be reused for many different projects. Site-cast concrete, on the other hand, is project-specific and cannot be recycled. Again, precast concrete is the winner.


You probably want to know about safety. Although there is a certain amount of risk associated with both casting types, precast concrete tends to be the safer bet. For a long time site-cast concrete lent itself to inadequate planning, resulting in a surprising number of tragedies. The production process for precast concrete takes place at ground level, minimizing the risk of injury. If you’re concerned about safety, choose precast concrete.

Quality Control

Every project manager cares about quality control. It’s much easier to control the quality of products and processes at a precast concrete plant than an average construction site. The quality of site-cast concrete varies greatly depending on outside conditions, such as weather and temperature. Once again, precast concrete is the ideal option.

Speed of Installation

Precast Concrete is Quick to Set Up and Easy to Install

Precast concrete is so much faster to install. Because the process relies on forms, it doesn’t take long to get set up. Site-cast concrete, however, can take ages to put together. It requires pouring on the slab with adjustments, which could add several days to your turnaround time. Want a project finished quickly? Just use precast concrete.

Precast and site-cast concrete have unique advantages and disadvantages. Given the most recent information in the industry, precast concrete is the clear winner. For more information on precast concrete and the many forms Del Zotto has to offer, get in touch via our contact form or through social media.