The Advantages of Del Zotto’s Concrete Pipe Plant

In 2008, Del Zotto Products looked to the future in staying competitive and adding to the support we could give our customers. At first we tried to purchase pipes to support our customers from another local producer, but were denied. This set the wheels in motion for Del Zotto to forge ahead on our own. We broke ground on a reinforced concrete pipe facility in order to help our customers with one-stop shopping. Not only would Del Zotto supply the finest quality precast structures, but now we would be able to supply our customers’ RCP needs as well. This was a great undertaking that involved all of Del Zotto Products of Florida, Inc. employees. This pipe plant was built in house with no outside construction needed.

This was a massive undertaking as Del Zotto produced everything needed in support of this plant, including mixers, conveyors, forms, wire rolling machines, test frames and tooling for our single offset gaskets. Del Zotto would not only produce a concrete pipe plant, but we would also build a lab to do all of the associated testing involved in producing RCP. The lab would also play a huge role in the quality testing of the precast operation.

Our pipe plant became operational in August of 2009 with the Florida Department of Transportation signing off on our facility as a qualified producer. Our operation have evolved to the highest efficiency for a manned plant. Now here is the great news!

Turn-Key Pipe Plant

Turn Key Pipe Plant

Del Zotto Products can build its state of the art pipe plant or precast plant on your facility. This is a “turn- key” operation that will help you support your customers. If that wasn’t enough great news, we also support after the construction with forms, vibrators and just about anything else you would need to make your business grow.

For over 50 years, pride, quality and integrity have been Del Zotto’s trademarks. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and are happy to help however we can. If you’d like more information about our steel forms for concrete, contact us using our form or via social media.