Build Greener with Concrete

Build Greener with Concrete

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the trend of building greener. People everywhere are concerned with building sustainable, environmentally friendly structures that are as beneficial to the planet as they are durable. Most people do not realize that concrete is their best bet when it comes to building greener. If you’re unconvinced that you can build greener with concrete, continue reading for proof.

Concrete is Efficient

In terms of resource and energy efficiency, concrete comes out on top. Concrete is most often made out of limestone, which is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. It can also be made with waste products from manufacturing facilities, such as fly ash, slag cement and silica fumes. As for energy efficiency, concrete has a thermal mass that absorbs and retains heat. Buildings made from concrete save a great deal of money when it comes to HVAC services.

Concrete is Durable

Concrete is durable

Unlike some other materials, concrete is long lasting and unharmed by natural processes. It will not rust, rot or burn. Although concrete sits out in direct sunlight, it does not melt or stretch. When concrete is used, reflectivity is also minimized. Heat islands disappear. Furthermore, concrete allows rainwater to permeate its surface without breaking it apart. Valuable moisture and nutrients get into the soil without affecting the concrete’s strength. Clearly, concrete is one of the most durable materials used in construction.

Concrete is Recyclable

Another benefit to concrete is that is minimizes waste. It’s easy to measure out the exact amount needed for a particular project, so there is no excess time, energy or material wasted. Once a concrete project needs to be demolished or renovated, pieces left behind can be recycled. They are turned into backfill or road base and used over and over again. Concrete is a renewable resource.

When it comes to selecting a construction material that is efficient, durable and recyclable, concrete is the best choice. Del Zotto Products makes a variety of steel forms for all your concrete projects. For more information about what we offer, get in touch with us through our contact form or via social media.