3 Easy Concrete DIY Projects

Tablet Stand Made Out of Concrete

DIY projects are becoming more popular with each passing year. People love do-it-yourself projects. They’re cheaper and more rewarding than paying for a premade product. Continue reading to find out how to make these three easy concrete DIY projects.

Concrete Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand Made out of Concrete
Photo Credit: Instructables.com

If you have a tablet, you more than likely want to get some kind of stand for it. You can make your own with concrete. You’ll need some concrete mix, a tablet and a plastic popcorn box. To learn how, check out this Instructable. Functional and phenomenal.

Concrete Clock

Clock Made Out of Concrete
Photo Credit: Instructables.com

This Instructable tutorial shows you how to make a sleek and simple concrete clock. To make it, you’ll need a basic clock kit, some reinforced concrete and a couple of batteries. Check out the website for the rest. This clock would make a great addition to any interior design scheme.

Concrete Planters

Planter Made out of Concrete
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your décor, a concrete planter may be just what you need. As long as you have a mold, you can make any shape or size planter you want. This tutorial from walks you through the process. Once you set your custom planter up in your house or in the garden, you’ll be certain to attract the right kind of attention.

There’s no denying concrete’s popularity as a building material. You can also make use of it in many DIY projects, such as the ones mentioned in this article. For more information about concrete or purchasing steel forms for concrete, talk to Del Zotto Products using our contact form or via social media.