How Highway and Median Barriers Protect Drivers

Highway and Median Barriers

It’s nearly impossible to drive along the highway or interstate without seeing some highway and median barriers. Although many people think these objects are inconvenient, they serve a very significant purpose: to keep drivers safe and out of harm’s way. These barriers help redirect wayward or distracted drivers back into their lanes and avoid a head-on collision with another driver.

At Del Zotto Products, we manufacture highway and median barrier forms to help you make the roads much safer for the average driver. Keep reading to learn more about these wonderful structures.

Types of Highway and Median Barriers

There are three main factors that affect the barrier selection process: the types of vehicles used on a particular roadway, the geometry of the roadway itself and the potential severity of a median crossover crash. Depending on these conditions, you might choose to build a rigid, semi-rigid or cable barrier to protect the drivers.

Rigid Highway and Median Barriers

Rigid Median and Highway Barrier

The most common form of highway and median barriers, these structures are often made out of concrete and offer a great deal of strength and durability. They are the most effective in mitigating crossover collisions, as they offer the most resistance to vehicles on impact. At the same time, however, crashes involving rigid barriers can result in more serious injuries, due to the inflexible nature of the barrier itself.

Semi-Rigid Highway and Median Barriers

Semi-rigid highway and median barriers are the second most common type of barrier. They are typically made of metal and referred to as guardrails or guiderails. These structures absorb some of the impact of a crash, often buckling under pressure. Because these barriers have some give, people involved in collisions with them are less likely to be seriously injured. After the crash, these barriers are usually in need of total repair.

Cable Highway and Median Barriers

Cable Highway and Median Barrier

These barriers consist of lengths of steel cables stretched between poles. They are the most versatile type of barrier with the most flexibility. Although they are cost-effective, they absorb the majority of the impact of a crash, meaning that they require almost constant repairs.

Highway and median barriers are essential to the world of transportation. They reduce the number of fatal crashes and make it safe for us and our family to drive to work each day.

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