Different Uses for Box Culverts

Del Zotto Products' Box Culvert Concrete Forms

In the construction industry, culverts are structures that allow water to flow under a road, railroad, trail or other obstruction. They are typically embedded in and surrounded by soil. Culverts come in many different shapes and sizes, including round, elliptical, flat-bottomed, pear-shaped and box.

Box culverts are used for intakes and outtakes, holding tanks, steam tunnels, corridor links, road crossings, service tunnels and utility trenches. They are one of the most useful structures in modern construction.

At Del Zotto Products, we make high-quality concrete box culvert forms for use in each of these projects. When we say that culverts are important, don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading to find out more about box culverts and their different uses.

Box Culverts in Road and Highway Construction

Del Zotto Products Box Culvert Forms

Box culverts are prevalent features in road and highway construction. In order to withstand traffic loads and aggressive weather conditions, these culverts must be tough—that’s why we recommend building yours out of concrete. These box culverts allow water to flow under roads and highways without impeding the flow of traffic. They can also serve as alternative animal crossings.

Box Culverts in Utility Work

Utility work also utilizes box culverts. These culverts serve as utility tunnels that carry electricity, water and sewer lines. Sometimes, they also carry communication lines, such as telephone and cable television. Utility tunnels are ideal for cold climates where it’s difficult to bury lines below the frost level. They can also be found in areas where the water table is too high to bury water and sewer mains, or in areas like Tokyo where utility poles are likely to succumb to earthquakes or storms.

Box Culverts in Railroads

Railroad construction and maintenance relies on the use of box culverts. They can replace small bridges or create crossings over creeks or other waterways. Under track culverts are vital to the success of modern railroads. Retired rail cars can even be repurposed as culverts!

Box culverts are essential structures in the modern world. Now that you know a little more about them, we hope you understand and appreciate them better.

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