Check Out Del Zotto Products’ Hydra-Brute Truck

Hydra-Brute Truck

For anyone in the septic tank business, a top-of-the-line hydra-brute truck is a necessity. Designed to hold and transport septic tanks, this product must be strong and durable. It should hold up against the elements and frequent usage.

At Del Zotto Products, we believe in producing the best forms for precast concrete on the market. Our dedication to quality extends to our hydra-brute trucks, too. Keep reading to learn more about what makes them unique.

Take a Look at These Hydra-Brute Truck Features

Del Zotto Products Hydra-Brute Truck

Each of our hydra-brute trucks is made with a wooden no-slide deck, 16 to 24 foot bed lengths, exclusive outriggers and Department of Transportation approved lighting. Some other innovative components include a handheld remote control system, hydraulic power, a patented trolley design that increases head room and automatic shutoffs on the boom end. What more could you want in a hydra-brute truck?

Hydra-Brute Truck Durability is Second to None

Our trucks are not only well-designed and user-friendly—they’re also built to withstand the test of time. They’re capable of handling pintle hitch and come with close to zero maintenance costs. If you purchase a hydra-brute truck from us, or have one of yours converted, you’ll be pleased with the results.

If you’re looking for a high-quality hydra-brute truck, look no further. We offer all the features listed above in addition to several optional ones. These bonus items include rear swing-outs, side rails with ratchets and side toolboxes.

If you want us to create the perfect hydra-brute truck for your septic needs, send us your truck and we’ll handle the rest. For more information about this product or any others we offer, send us a message using our contact form. You can also connect with us on social media.