Precast, Dry Cast and Ready-Mix Concrete

Del Zotto Products Concrete Pour

While attending the Precast Show in Orlando, FL last week, we gained a new appreciation for the many variations of industry concrete. There all kinds in the industry, and even a few focus on dry cast and ready-mix concrete. Because we cater to all precast, dry cast and ready-mix concrete needs, we understand and appreciate concrete in all its forms.

At Del Zotto Products of Florida, we manufacture and sell form systems for precast, dry cast and ready-mix concrete. In addition to creating high-quality forms, we also want to use our expertise to help educate the industry on some of the differences between precast, dry cast and ready-mix concrete.

Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete Lifted from Forms

The term precast concrete refers to concrete cast in reusable molds or forms, cured in a controlled environment, which is then transported to the construction site and lifted in place. Precast form is ideal because it cuts down on time, cost and labor intensity, while making mass production more efficient.

Dry Cast Concrete

Dry cast concrete is concrete that has low moisture content and zero slump. Forms used with dry cast concrete can be stripped as soon as the concrete has been consolidated. Dry cast concrete is convenient because only one set of forms is needed for the mass production of products such as pipes.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Concrete Poured from a Mixer

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured according to a set recipe and delivered to the work site by truck mounted in-transit mixers. The precision of the mixture allows for the implementation and creation of specialty mixtures on site. In addition, the recipe reduces overall work site confusion. Ready-mix concrete is the preferred method for producing concrete products for commercial purposes.

Concrete can exist in many different forms. When working in the industry, you can benefit from knowing the differences between precast, dry cast and ready-mix concrete. Once you understand what makes each type unique, you can figure out which one is the best fit for your project.

Our team at Del Zotto Products wants to supply the forms for your next build or construction project. We also offer invaluable training for precasters. For more information about our concrete forms or training, contact us or reach out via social media.