How to Mix Concrete

Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow

No matter what kind of concrete you’re using, odds are you have to mix it up first. The secret to mixing concrete, no matter how you choose to do it, is to always mix up more than you think you will need. Always make sure you wear a particle mask to keep from breathing in dust.

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How to Mix Concrete By Hand

Adding water to concrete mix

Mixing concrete by hand works best when you only need 30 pounds of concrete or less. Hand mixing is usually done in a five to eight gallon bucket or wash tub or on a plastic sheet or tarp. To start, you’ll need thick rubber gloves to keep the concrete off your skin, a particle mask, a hand trowel or small shovel and a bucket with clean water.

Add the dry material to the bucket or wash tub and mix together until the color is uniform. Break apart any clumps you see by hand or with the shovel. Next, measure out ¾ of the recommended amount of water and mix again. Continue adding water as needed until the mix is a workable consistency. After everything is mixed, it is ready to cast.

How to Mix Concrete With a Mixer

If your project requires you to mix larger amounts of concrete, you might want to utilize a motorized concrete mixer to save time and energy. Most have a total volume of nine cubic feet, but the batch volume might be around six cubic feet. When using a mixer, you should once again make sure you’re wearing a mask to keep from breathing in dust.

Start by loading the mixer with all dry materials (concrete mix, pigment, fiber and admixtures). Cover the mouth of the mixer with a plastic tarp or trash bag secured with a bungee cord to minimize dust. Once all the materials are in the mixer, blend the whole thing together until the materials are combined. Following that, add water and mix again until the desired consistency is reached. When everything is smooth, go ahead and cast the concrete.

Mixing concrete might seem a daunting task, but the most crucial part of the process is knowing which mixing method to use. For smaller amounts of concrete, go with hand mixing. If you need a lot of concrete, slide the materials in a mixer. With a little preparation, hard work and time, you’ll have high-quality concrete before you know it.

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