Fascinating and Functional Wire Mesh Projects

wire mesh

Wire mesh is more versatile than most people realize, and it can be utilized in a variety of projects from handcrafted furniture to functional crates. If you want to make something interesting and useful out of wire mesh, all you really need is a little ingenuity.

At Del Zotto Products of Florida, we believe in the flexibility of wire mesh, which is why we offer a couple of equipment options for it. If you’re looking for something to do with this handy material, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn about some projects you can make with wire mesh.

Wire Mesh Letters

wire mesh letters
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These unique wire mesh letters make a big design statement and are perfect for indoor or outdoor display. To get started, you’ll need tin snips, wire cutters, pliers, galvanized steel hardware cloth and wire. Keep in mind that some letter shapes, such as an E or W, do a better job standing up on their own than others. If you’d like to add any kind of filler to the letter, make sure to do so before completely attaching the back.

Wire Mesh Gabion Furniture

If you’re looking for a sturdy yet stylish furniture option, consider creating outdoor gabion furniture by knitting mesh sheets with wire spirals. If you want to make the job a little easier, order your mesh in precut panels. You can assemble the crates and knit the edges together using wire spirals that come with the sheets. To finish it off, fill the cage, attach a lid and wire it shut. Put some cushions on top, and you’ll have some great new seating for entertaining guests.

Wire Mesh Compost Bin

Composting is a great way to help the environment, and what better material to make a bin out of than wire mesh? Roll the mesh into a cylinder, stabilize it with rods or stakes and fill it with soil and biodegradable organic material. If you want to remove “finished” compost from the bottom, the wire mesh is lightweight and easy to lift.

Wire Mesh Crates

wire mesh in the garden
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Gabions stacked together create the structure and surface of a garden. All you have to do is fill them with flagstones and set them on the soil so that they are level. Add soil beneath them as necessary; just make sure to leave some space for planting. If you have a couple of empty crates left over after planting, you can fill them with bricks, small logs, pebbles or even old bottles.

These projects utilize wire mesh in ways that are fascinating yet functional. Wire mesh, like concrete, never goes out of style. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor knowing their appeal will last for years to come.

Has reading this article inspired you to start working with wire mesh? Our team at Del Zotto Products would be happy to help you with wire mesh cage rolling machines, bending machines or cone form wire cage machines. For more information about these or any of our other products, you can contact us or reach out via social media.