The World’s Heaviest Concrete Structures

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Concrete has been around almost as long as humankind. As empires rose, continually adjusted and fell and fell, people learned how to build bigger, better concrete structures. These lasting testaments to the strength and innovation of humanity are impressive to behold—sturdy, heavy and long-lasting. Today, we’d like to show you some of the world’s heaviest concrete structures.

Three Gorges Dam, China

Three Gorges Dam in China

The first impressive dam on our list is made of 144,309,356,753.51 pounds of concrete. Located on the Yangtze River, it provides hydroelectricity to much of the local area.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

This towering skyscraper is currently the tallest building in the world. It’s constructed of 238,747,095.768 pounds of concrete.

Grande Dixence Dam, Switzerland

We’ve written a little bit about the Hoover Dam, but it pales in comparison to this behemoth. The Swiss dam is the tallest concrete dam in the world, and it weighs a massive 31,832,946,341.227 pounds of concrete.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Weighing in at an impressive 85,183,118 pounds of concrete, The Venetian is part of the largest five-diamond hotel and resort complex in the world. If you’re ever in Sin City, you should visit this hotel.

The Dome of the Pantheon, Rome

The Pantheon is not only one of the oldest concrete buildings in the world—it is also one of the world’s heaviest concrete structures. The dome itself weighs in at a remarkable 9,997,964 pounds!

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