Precast Columns Support a Cloud-Shaped Campsite

precast columns

Precast columns are incredible. They’re capable of supporting a variety of structures, from houses, churches and parking decks to terraces, porches and archways. As modern society continues to evolve, innovations in concrete will lead to new uses of precast columns in everyday life. One potential use for precast columns? Serving as support structures for a space-age floating campground.

In the Colorado Valley, designer Kevin Hirth envisions a cloud-shaped campsite hovering amongst the trees. When one of his eccentric clients requested a design that would allow guests a better vantage point over her property, Hirth came up with the idea for this elevated wonder.

The genius behind this design is twofold: its elevation allows campers to see more of their surroundings, while simultaneously protecting them from dangerous wildlife, such as bears and mountain lions. In Hirth’s own words, “By lifting the sleeping platform into the forest canopy, the overnight camper can sleep freely in the open air and under the night sky without need for shelter from wildlife.”

Precast Columns Support a Cloud-Shaped Campsite

For the structure of this project, Hirth imagines a mixture of steel and wood with a scalloped underside, crafted to resemble a cartoon cloud. Four precast columns in the center of the structure will frame climbing ladders and chimneys for fireplace. In addition to the precast columns, the structure will also be anchored by the surrounding forest.

Though this project is still seeking a financial backer, it seems that structures like this might be part of the future of camping. Precast columns could become increasingly more popular on the path to innovation. As the columns become more widely used, we can also expect to see an increased in demand for precast concrete forms.

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