Three Construction Apps to Make Your Job Easier

Construction worker looking at his cellphone

Technology exists to make our lives easier. Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, men and women have made all kinds of advancements to everyday life, including the invention of the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and even forms for precast concrete.

The construction industry can also benefit from these advancements in technology. With the advent of smartphones, many workers are looking for ways to streamline their job processes. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the help of apps. At Del Zotto Products, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite construction apps to make your job easier.

Construction Manager

The first app on this list, Construction Manager, boasts an estimated half a million users at publish date. This innovative mobile app is designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information between company headquarters and construction sites. It allows workers and project managers to make estimates of construction projects, keep daily reports and maintenance logs, calculate measurements and more. With this app, you can speed up project estimation, track daily construction activity, optimize workflows, save time and reduce costs and eliminate paperwork.


3 Construction Apps to Make Your Job Easier

Another great app for construction projects is BuildCalc. The self-proclaimed “easiest and most advanced construction calculator app” allows you to spend less time doing estimates and more time building. It streamlines project math and includes many useful features, including contextual and extensive in-app help, Daylight Display Mode for better visibility on-site and spreadsheet style forms to allow you to test layout scenarios.


The third construction app we recommend is Fieldwire, which provides an easy way for construction foremen, supers and engineers to access blueprints and share information without leaving their jobsite. Using this app, you can access construction drawings on your mobile in full 150 dpi resolution, even when you’re not connect to the Internet. Fieldwire syncs between devices and works on iPad, iPhone, Android and the web to connect team member no matter where they are. You can even use it to track and assign tasks so that subcontractors are always working on important items.

No matter which app you choose to use, any of the offerings on this list will definitely improve your jobsite productivity. What apps do you use for construction projects? Feel free to tell us in the comments below. If you have questions about construction, especially working with forms for precast concrete, please contact us or connect with us through our social channels.