Connecting Generations in the Workplace

How to Connect Multiple Generations in Your Workplace

The modern workplace or construction site is a hubbub of activity. The noise can span several generations, too—sometimes as many as four. If you’ve found yourself surrounded by people much older or younger than you with no real idea of how to connect, keep reading to learn some tips for connecting generations in the workplace.

Gather Information

How to Connect Multiple Generations in Your Workplace

Before you can implement any plans to improve communication, you need to understand what makes each generation tick. You need to learn everything you can about your workforce demographics so that you can come up with a plan of attack.

Make a Plan

Once you’re familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each generation, you can figure out how best to balance your workforce. In order to create an effective team, you need to figure out how to circumvent potential pitfalls. In your plan, you might also want to list the goals you want your workforce to achieve together. As you move forward, it will be easier to track your success if you have an idea of the targets you want to reach.

Execute Your Plan

After you’ve established a plan for your organization, based on attainable goals and objectives, it’s time to move forward with the execution of your plan. Reward your team for meeting goals and accomplishing certain milestones. Once the job is finished, it might be a good idea to open the floor for feedback and discussion of the project.

It can be difficult to coordinate work and initiative across several generations. On a construction site, you need a well-coordinated team to finish the job. In order to get your workers to collaborate successfully, you need to understand the demographics of each specific generation. Once you’ve laid the foundation for cross-generational teamwork, you’ll be surprised by the results.

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