The Most Creative Ways to Use Concrete

We know that concrete is one of the greatest materials that you can work with, so we have decided to compile a list of the most creative ways we have seen concrete used. With the help of our Pinterest page, we have found some pretty unique ways to use concrete.

Fire Pits

From fire pits that are clearly concrete, to those that are made of concrete but disguised as stone, there are lots of ways people use concrete to keep themselves warm. Concrete is great for fire pits because it is resistant to heat and does not burn.


Concrete planters are modern and seem to be taking the Internet by storm. There are many tutorials online that show exactly how to take everyday objects in your home and turn them into miniature versions of a concrete form. In the end, you have a beautiful piece of art for your home.



Obviously the use of concrete in building hotels is not a new concept. However, it is when it is pretty much the only thing being used. Precast concrete drainage tube micro hotels have begun springing up all over the world. They are easy to make, easy to maintain and their interesting look is great to spark the interest of any world traveler!



Another new trend is the use of concrete in the creation of tables. Using concrete seems a little odd at first, but makes sense for the “Do-It-Yourself” crowd because it is cheap, easy to use and can create all sorts of different things. Whether you want an outdoor table to complement your landscape, or you want to bring the outdoors in by using natural elements, these tables are sure to satisfy!


We are amazed every day with how the use of concrete continues to grow and expand and the amazing things people are able to do with it. If you are looking to do something amazing with a precast concrete form, give us a call or stop by our social channels to say hello!