A Spotlight on Hole Forms

Our Company

Over the years, Del Zotto has gained renown within the concrete industry as the source for quality products. Founder William Mario Del Zotto started out making step forms and then moved on to septic tank forms. From those early forms, we have worked hard to continue creating state-of-the-art precast forms and equipment. One of our most popular forms is our hole form that comes in handy during any concrete project.

What Are Hole Forms?

Hole forms are commonly used in precast construction projects to leave a space open in the structure. This is great for doorways and windows. Many of these hole forms are made using foam, but we think that foam is a waste of time and money. We can build flat or round wall hole forms for all structures using high power and long- lasting steel.

concrete room

Types of Del Zotto Hole Forms

Although we will custom build a hole form for your project’s needs, here are the main types of hole forms we produce:

  • Round Hole Form: Makes a round hole in flat structures.
  • Elliptical Hole Form: Makes an elliptical shaped hole in flat wall structures.
  • Doghouse Hole Form: Typically used for positioning a square or flat structure over an existing pipe or line.
  • Corner Hole Form: Makes a round hole in the corner of a square or rectangular flat wall structure.
  • Tapered Hole Form: Make tapered holes in flat wall structures.

To order a hole form, click here. Have more questions about our hole forms? Contact us today or send us a message on social media!