Get in the Mix with Concrete Mixers

Our mission at Del Zotto Products is to improve how concrete is made in every aspect of the industry. That is why we have worked hard to develop our different concrete mixers and accessories. Our units come assembled, tested and ready to go as soon as you get them. Our mixers do not use conveyor belts, drive wheels, or hydraulic or air valves, in order to simplify and streamline their processes. Check out the concrete mixers we have available below.

  • Cement Silos: This cement silo has been designed specifically for pre-casters. Built with heavy gauge steel to support rugged use, our cement silos meet all EPA standards. We can provide complete setup and are open to customize your silo to fit your company’s needs.
  • Dry-Cast Concrete Mixers: Our dry-cast mixers fit virtually any dry-cast production demand and are perfect for consistent zero-slump concrete.
  • Wet-Cast Concrete Mixers: Our wet-cast mixing systems are perfect for anyone or any company in the precast industry.


Both our Wet-Cast and Dry-Cast Mixers include a Volume-Tron Tracking System that measures:

  1. Coarse and fine aggregate pounds
  2. Amount of water in gallons
  3. Admix 1 and 2 ounces
  4. Individual batch print-outs and daily total print-outs
  5. Batch total yards with auto shut off
  • Dual-Speed Mixing Drop Auger:Our dual-speed mixing drop auger provides you with a complete mixing of the matrix that ensures a perfect mix of cement powder, sand and rock. This item can be combined with any screw and blender machine.This drop auger is designed for fast but high-quality production, easy maintenance and operation, and is extremely cost efficient.
  • Pouring Buckets:No matter the size of your project, Del Zotto pouring buckets give you an extra set of hands for working quickly, safely and efficiently. Our pouring buckets have built-in hooks, handles and a positive lever action dump gate. You can choose a round or square bucket with caster wheels, pneumatic tires or hoist type with forklift skids.

Interested in concrete mixers from Del Zotto Products? Contact us today for a quote!