This Plant Is No Pipe Dream

When a big concrete pipe maker refused to sell its pipe to Del Zotto Products in 2008, we decided to come up with a way for our customers to make their own pipes.

Tapping into our can-do background as a company founded by the son of an Italian bricklayer more than 50 years ago, Del Zotto came up with a system which frees clients from the whims of the big pipe makers.

The simple and affordable pipe machine allows companies to make hundreds of feet of reinforced concrete pipes from 17 to 21 inches in diameter every day.

Concrete Pipes: A Proven Solution

Famous for their concrete work, the Romans used concrete pipes for sewer and drainage in Rome more than 2,000 years ago. Some of those pipes still service the city.

In the United States, concrete pipe sewer systems were introduced by the mid-19th century. Most are still going strong. With the addition of reinforced concrete pipe, the structural integrity is stronger than ever.

Our pipe machine can produce about 800 feet of concrete pipe per day.

What’s in a Pipe Machine?

Until recently, building a reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) factory meant tens of millions of dollars in investment. But since 2009, Del Zotto has offered a non-automated pipe machine which can produce about 800 feet of pipe per day.

The vertical, dry-cast system is easily operated and can be fitted with different size and shape pipes. The “turn-key” machine’s simple design means less downtime due to breakdowns.

What Comes in the Mix?

  • All the gear you need, including mixer and silo, conveyor, turntable, pouring chute, all hydraulic pumps and tanks and pipe forms.
  • Training and ongoing technical assistance from Del Zotto.
  • Freedom to grow your company without the worry of an unreliable supplier.

Family-owned, Del Zotto has built its reputation for quality and integrity over three generations. For information about our pipe machine or any of our other products and services contact us here.