‘Thirsty’ Concrete Gulps Water Like Sieve

A British company recently showed off a new type of concrete which can absorb more than 1,000 gallons of water per minute.

The demonstration shows copious amounts of water being dumped onto what looks like an asphalt parking lot and disappearing just as quickly. The “asphalt” is actually a permeable concrete that allows water to sluice through and eventually get carried away by a buried drainage system.

Del Zotto Products has been on the forefront of concrete innovations and can help you with your precast concrete forms.

While still in the early stage, the permeable concrete could be a solution for flooding, which causes billions of dollars in damage and kills hundreds every year around the world. The concrete is ideal for lower traffic parking lots, but can be adapted to other uses.

The concept is not new – other products have tried the same with varied success – but the potential for saving life and property is what keeps innovators going.

Thirsty Concrete

A History of Innovation

Del Zotto has patented hundreds of pre-cast forms and equipment, including vibrator brackets and mounting brackets.

The company is quick to incorporate proven industry improvements in equipment and raw material. Del Zotto has always tried to offer its customers the latest in precast concrete technology.

Water Control

Concrete is often used to hold or redirect water. Del Zotto offers precast forms for companies to economically make concrete products ahead of time in a controlled environment instead of pouring in place and being susceptible to the weather.

Forms are available for manhole covers, dock steps, culvert boxes, curb drainage inlets and of course the pipe which transports the water. The company can custom-make forms to conform with local and state highway standards.

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