Precast Concrete Keeps our Troops Safe

Precast concrete has continued to grow in popularity in construction and road building because of its ease of installation and strength.

But the industry has made significant inroads in technology which has increased partnerships with the military.

In addition to the precast barriers often seen surrounding older military or civilian buildings, the military is now using specially designed, precast concrete panels for new construction. The panels are finished with a number of decorative patterns to mimic brick and stone.

But beneath the surface are special materials which help the concrete hold up against explosive blasts and certain missiles.

Those threats can come from car bombs, planted bombs, direct attacks and weapons fired from a distance. The material is expected to absorb the majority of the blast and stay structurally sound.

Concrete in the Military

Thicker is No Longer the Answer

There was a time when blast protection meant extremely thick concrete walls to absorb the forces of an attack.

Today, using special internal membranes and other technology, blast-resistant, precast panels are lighter and easier to install than ever.

Made off-site using concrete forms, precast concrete products of all types are made under more uniform conditions which produce a more reliable product.

Sometimes Classic is Best

Despite the continued advances in precast concrete technology, the military always has a need for those temporary concrete barriers.

The barriers are made in different configurations. Some are tall enough to stop a racing car while others are as high as 10-feet tall and protect pedestrians and vehicles from enemy fire.

Sometimes called a Jersey barrier, the barriers were developed in the 1950s for use on highways. They were soon adopted by the military. Mobility makes them popular and they can be placed in a number of ways to protect a variety of areas.

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