Precast Concrete Stormwater Systems Help Environment

There was a time when stormwater just drained straight into rivers and lakes. Stricter environmental guidelines, however, have made precast concrete storm water systems a smart choice for your next project.

Keeping pollution out of lakes and rivers has become a serious concern in the United States. New laws and regulations have impacted construction and public works departments. Mandates are to keep as much pollution from entering natural waterways as possible.

Precast concrete is making it easier and more cost effective to implement these systems thanks to several benefits the products offer.

Precast concrete products are made in a plant where consistency in materials and environment can be better maintained. This makes for a more uniform and reliable product that performs better than other solutions.

Save Time, Money With Precast

Using precast concrete stormwater solutions is also less time consuming and, therefore, cheaper to install and maintain. The products are also customizable at the plant and can be made to any dimensions.

Precast Concrete Pipes Used in Storm Drains

Made out of natural ingredients, precast concrete resists corrosion and other forms of deterioration common with other materials used in stormwater systems.

As older stormwater systems are replaced, the newer technology is required. These new systems use channels, chambers and filters to separate pollutants from the water and deliver cleaner water to its final destination.

Installation of precast concrete stormwater systems does not require as much earth moving as pour-in-place concrete. There are no special handling requirements with precast concrete systems, and generally, after they are put in place can be backfilled without worry of damage. Once installed, the precast concrete stormwater system can last for up to 100 years without worry of it rusting, rotting or burning.

Using these new systems, water can be up to 85 percent cleaner when discharged.

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