Bullet Resistant Precast Concrete to Guard U.S. Grid

See how bullet resistant concrete is being made!

The threat of terrorism in the United States has grown to include isolated targets where bullet resistant precast concrete can be of use.

The electrical power infrastructure, responsible for routing the nation’s electric supply is typically guarded by chain link fences. One substation was targeted in California in 2013 which brought the threat to the forefront.

In response, the precast concrete industry has continued to develop bullet resistant precast concrete walls to better secure substations and other facilities which are typically unmanned and located in isolated areas.

Bullet resistant concrete can stop high-velocity bullets.

How’s It Made

Bullet resistant precast concrete is made much the same as normal concrete, except bullet resistant material is installed into the concrete’s core. The resulting wall is strong enough to stop high-velocity bullets from penetrating.

The idea is nothing new, bullet resistant concrete has been around since World War II, but modern materials have become more effective at stopping bullets.

Bullet resistant walls would slow down attackers and limit the damage done to the wall’s structure, not the sensitive equipment behind the wall.

During the California attack, $15 million in damage was done to 17 transformers in less than 20 minutes. While the FBI has not officially listed the attack as terrorism, it displayed how easy it was to target a power substation. Repairs took weeks and power had to be rerouted through another substation.

Because the bullet resistant walls are precast concrete, they can be custom made to the proper height and width. Precast concrete walls last for decades and require little maintenance.

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