Precast Concrete Use Continues To Grow

See how the demand for precast is growing!

Around the United States and much of the world, precast concrete use is so prevalent that it touches nearly every aspect of your life.

The ubiquitous material forms the infrastructure that allows the world to function. From sewer systems to bridges, precast concrete has become the material of choice both for its structural properties and reduced cost.

Precast concrete has many advantages over other products, including wet concrete poured at the job site. Precast takes a fraction of the time to install than other materials, including brick and wet concrete. Wet concrete has to harden and cure before work can continue. With precast concrete, there is no drying time.

Precast products are made in a plant under controlled conditions. The products delivered to the job sites are often of better integrity and consistency than concrete poured in place.

Precast concrete is used to give architectural depth to bridges & buildings.

Not Just Industrial Anymore

For years, concrete came with the reputation of being cold and industrial. For a time, the focus was more on function than form.

But concrete use has changed much in the last few decades. More design work is going into exposed concrete. Sound walls used to be just monolithic slabs planted into the ground. They worked but weren’t very attractive. Sound walls now include decorative touches to make them more appealing to the eye.

Precast concrete also is used to give architectural depth to bridges and buildings. Other companies are even working on making concrete artistic by adding color, lights and colored stones or other materials that appear prominently on the surface.

Del Zotto Products specializes in forms and products used in construction and water control.

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