Latest: Carbon Dioxide Concrete

Carbon dioxide concrete is currently being developed.

Researchers recently announced they made a small concrete tube using carbon dioxide emissions which would otherwise be released into the air.

The small-scale success proved that the carbon dioxide concrete process was possible and a large-scale effort is in the works.

The researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles began the project as a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of burning fossil fuels, released. They came up with a way to combine the carbon dioxide with lime to create a concrete material. Concrete is usually made with cement and aggregate. But in the experiment, cement was not used.

While the carbon dioxide concrete tube produced in the lab measured only 5 centimeters, the results are the first step in the possible development of a cost-effective concrete with commercial potential.

The tube was created using a 3-D printer, but a commercial method will need to be developed.

The one thing that is readily available is carbon dioxide. The gas is emitted from smokestacks at power plants around the world and is an abundant part of the atmosphere.

Despite the lab success of CO2 concrete the process is in its infancy.

Cement Is Still King

Despite the lab success of carbon dioxide concrete, the process is in its infancy and will take many years before it’s even known if it can be a commercial success.

Until then, the worldwide use of precast concrete continues to expand into all facets of commercial and even residential construction, and it has become the most popular material used for public works and infrastructure projects.

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