Form Oil Sprayer: How To Keep Concrete Non-Stick

Use Form Oil Sprayers to keep concrete from sticking!

The use of oil to keep concrete from adhering to a form is a tried-and-true method, but the search for the perfect form oil sprayer continues.

Del Zotto offers a self-contained, portable oil sprayer that gives you the convenience of a manual sprayer, with the performance of a compressed air sprayer.

Oil is used to coat the steel forms before cement is poured into them. The forms make a multitude of precast concrete products from water-control devices to walls. The oil creates a barrier between the form and the concrete that doesn’t let the concrete adhere to the steel. If a form is not properly oiled or is damaged chunks of concrete can break away from the product when the form is released.

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Types Of Sprayers

Some precast concrete manufacturers use manual sprayers similar to models used in gardening or pest control. These sprayers are more affordable, but they cost more in the long run because they don’t use oil as efficiently as Del Zotto’s sprayers.

Other types of form oil sprayers include a built-in compressor for better control and more efficient use of oil. But the size and weight of these sprayers make them difficult to use.

Del Zotto’s oil sprayer offers the best of both worlds. It is small enough to move easily and holds 10 gallons of oil and 50 pounds of air, so one charge lasts all day. The sprayer connects to a separate air compressor which charges the unit.

The unit is so efficient that Del Zotto guarantees your oil savings will pay for the unit in six months, or they will buy it back.

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