From Parking Lot Curbs To The Colosseum: How Concrete Shaped the World

See how concrete has shaped the world here!

For ages, concrete’s use in ancient monuments and grand public works has made the material a giant among building materials.

Long-lasting structures like the Roman Coliseum and engineering wonders like the Hoover Dam are testaments to the material’s greatness. Its versatility has expanded its use to all manner of industries from construction to design.

But concrete’s doesn’t always require magnificent structures to make an impact.

Take the often overlooked and much-abused parking lot curb. It’s bumped into, rolled on and generally mistreated by most. But that’s its whole reason for existing. It sacrifices itself to protect your vehicle from drivers who may lack an acute sense of perspective, have attention deficits or are just plain bad drivers.

At about six inches tall it takes substantial effort to get over a curb.

Its silent sentry duty also helps protect buildings and structures from damage. These wheel stops may not seem like much at first glance, but at about six inches tall, it takes substantial effort to get over one, and it doesn’t make for a graceful exit.

Parking lot curbs can be easily made using precast concrete forms. Making the curbs off-site in a controlled plant ensures consistency. At Del Zotto Products, we make several types of parking lot curb forms.

Our forms come in six-, seven- and eight-foot lengths, and in double-sided or single-sided designs. We also offer a gang form which allows you to make several parking lot curbs at the same time.

The forms are simple to use, and the individual forms don’t require any special equipment. All you need to do is just pour the concrete, allow it to set, flip the form by hand and repeat. It’s simple and cost effective.

Del Zotto Products carries all your precast concrete needs from ready-made products to the forms and materials needed for you to make your own precast products. For information, contact us today.