Concrete Containment System Keeps Environment Safer

Water uncontained by hose.

Protecting drinking water from pollution is why most jurisdictions require companies have a containment plan in case fuel or other hazardous liquids leak from a storage tank.

Part of a plan can include a concrete containment system as a secondary containment system. These systems are essentially a concrete pan that sits under storage tanks. The storage tanks which require these systems typically hold petroleum-based or hazardous liquids.

In the event of a spill or leak, the concrete side walls that run around the pan stop liquid from flowing into the groundwater system.

Del Zotto Products has the forms to manufacture your concrete containment system. Del Zotto worked closely with government regulatory agencies to design the best concrete containment system available.

Our form lets your company make these containment systems quickly. The forms feature a one-pour design and can produce two different sized containment vessels making it more cost effective than a single-size form. The form comes with an inner core and feature air releases.  You can make both a 550-gallon containment vessel and a 1,000-gallon vessel.

Del Zotto has designed the best concrete containment systems available!

Extra Features

Our design makes the vessel walls high enough to hold 125 percent of the total capacity of a full-storage tank. The extra capacity is the event there is accumulated rain or snow in the vessel when a leak or spill occurs.

While perfect for fuel-storage tanks, the containment vessels can be used for other liquids like pesticides or fertilizers or any other hazardous liquid. The vessels are steel reinforced and can be fitted with pump systems to recover the spilt liquid.

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