U.S. Highway Funding Means More Concrete Road Barriers

U.S. Highway Funding to Increase.

The recently signed $305 billion, five-year highway funding law ends a decade of temporary patches and extensions on the previous highway funding law. The new law should spur an uptick in highway projects and increase the need for materials and equipment, including concrete road barriers.

The law, titled Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or “FAST Act,” means state and local governments can begin to build new roads and fix aging infrastructure without the fear that funding will dry up.

Highway projects tie up traffic. While it’s unavoidable, the use of concrete road barriers makes it safer for both drivers and construction workers. The barriers weigh about two tons each and are designed to redirect a car during a crash. The barriers’ design includes sloped sides which forces a car to drive up the barrier rather than crash through the barrier. This design helps lessen the force of impact and typically keeps the car on the road.

Poured concrete zoomed in.

Better Barrier Business

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