Keep Safe With A Concrete Storm Shelter

Be prepared for any storm with a Del Zotto storm shelter form.

With the arrival of Hurricane season in the United States, millions of homeowners in coastal areas and throughout Gulf Coast states turn their attention to preparation, in some cases installing a concrete storm shelter.

While hurricanes pack a lot of force and can decimate huge areas of land, this time of year is also ripe for increased tornado activity in areas from the Southeast to the Midwest and across the Great Plains.

Areas prone to tornadoes also benefit from concrete storm shelters. Unlike hurricanes, which usually occur in conjunction with timely evacuation notices, tornadoes sometimes arrive with very little warning. These fierce storms occur sporadically and may devastate one structure while leaving nearby buildings relatively undamaged. A properly designed residential concrete storm shelter can prove lifesaving in tornado situations.

Storm shelter precast concrete form.

Some Serious Past Storms
Both hurricanes and tornadoes have of history of causing devastation. The 1900 Galveston Hurricane that struck Galveston Island Texas caused up to 8,000 deaths. During that era, weather forecasters did not possess the technology to offer much advance notice about these powerful tropical storms. Surging 15-foot high waves drowned many people in their homes.

Many remember the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Katrina swept far inland, creating storms in Louisiana and Mississippi and breaching many levees flooding neighborhoods and causing nearly 2,000 deaths.

On March 2, 2012, a major storm system spread across the Midwest and South spawning numerous tornadoes in its wake. Millions in damage were registered in states from Georgia to Ohio and killing 39 people. Sections of Marysville, Indiana and Henryville, Indiana were wiped out.

Preparing For Tornados And Hurricanes
Following national disaster preparedness guidelines is the best way to prepare for hurricanes and tornadoes. Precast concrete storm shelters should comply with recommended storm shelter guidelines.

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