Enjoy The Advantages Of A Cement Silo

Concrete silos at Del Zotto Products.

Making precast concrete can be a dirty job. Using a quality cement silo, however, can make a big difference for your crew and your bottom line.

In its simplest form, a cement silo is a holding bin for dry ingredients waiting to be mixed with water to form concrete. But integrated technology has made cement silos more efficient and cleaner to the environment.

Silos now include dust collection filters and indicators that reduce the amount of cement dust that escapes into the air. State-of-art indicators can tell how much cement is used, and specially designed air nozzles are used to “fluff” up the cement, so it flows smoothly, reducing the amount of dust kicked up.

Cement silos can hold anywhere from a few tons to hundreds of tons of material. This allows manufacturers to purchase cement and other ingredients in large batches, keeping the prices of finished products down and increasing efficiency at the plant.

Concrete silos at a precast facility.

The Yellow Difference

Del Zotto Products has operated for decades with the philosophy that there is room for everyone in the precast concrete market. While other large manufacturers try to lock out smaller operators, Del Zotto has continued to offer smaller operators a chance to enter the industry.

While the company is a producer of precast concrete products from pipes to lift stations, it also actively makes forms for what others would consider competitors.

Del Zotto’s cement silos are built for the precaster in mind. Each is made of high-gauge steel and meets all EPA standards. Fully customizable, the silos also come with a cement auger, hi-low indicators, air fluffer bags and a state-of-the-art dust collector.

There are no hidden fees or charges to use our forms. As a family-owned business, Del Zotto Products has built a reputation for quality products and innovations.

For information about our cement silos or any of our other products, contact us today.