Concrete Hole Forms Made Easy

Del Zotto Concrete Hole Forms help you get the perfect hole every time!

Using foam to cast holes in precast concrete pipes, walls or other applications is a common practice in the industry. But unless you need a custom form every time, foam concrete hole forms may cost you money.

Foam can be relatively cheap, but making a foam form can be a long process. First, the foam needs to be cut to the right dimensions. Second, it must be sanded smooth and finally form tape has to be carefully applied to keep the concrete from sticking. Foam hole forms do not hold up to repeated uses.

While the initial cost of the foam may seem affordable, the time in labor and downtime starts to add up quickly. Keep your concrete business pouring with reusable, long lasting concrete hole forms.

Manhole form with hole forms placed in them.

How Are Concrete Hole Forms Made?

At Del Zotto, each form is made to your specifications. The hole forms are made of heavy-gauge steel and come in several configurations including round, elliptical, dog-house, corner and tapered. The forms are made to be easily removed from the final product.

Del Zotto’s hole forms are open-ended steel bands. The bands are brought together with vice grips. This makes them easier to remove from the dried concrete. With Del Zotto’s hole forms, you can have any size hole in any position easily and cleanly.

Precast hole forms can be made for flat or round wall applications. Their main function is to create an access point for plumbing or electrical work.

There are no hidden fees or charges to use our forms. As a family-owned business, Del Zotto Products has built a reputation for quality products and innovations. We make both ready-made products and the forms to make your own precast products.

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