How Are Concrete Pouring Buckets Used?

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If you are filling forms or doing pre-cast work, one of the biggest time savers can be the addition of concrete pouring buckets to pour large batches of concrete directly.

The difference for most contractors is that you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about the transport of your material to the area where you need it.

Make Your Tradition Be Success
When you get started with a concrete job, some traditionalists still fill wheelbarrows or buckets from the concrete mixer and then gauge how much time that they have for that concrete to be effective. Using a concrete bucket can be much more efficient because when you add concrete to a bucket, the pour that you do to your form is much more easily controlled. You can also avoid spills that are difficult to get around when you do not have specialized equipment.

What Types of Concrete Pouring Bucket Are Available?
The largest choice that you can make with concrete pouring buckets is the size that the bucket itself comes in. The distinctive sizes and shapes make it easier to fulfill different types of jobs. A square bucket can help you to fill matching forms and move concrete in bulk, while a round bucket tends to allow for more precision on pours. Del Zotto’s carries at least six different shapes and sizes of concrete pouring buckets for its clientele.

Concrete pouring bucket over a precast form.

The biggest difference beyond the shape is how the concrete pouring bucket moves. There is one type of bucket that contains skids because it is meant to be toted around on a forklift or a pallet jack. Another type of bucket comes with special tires to handle extra weight, while a third type uses regular wheels that can hold a large, but basic load.

Is Concrete Dumped Directly Into a Pouring Bucket?
In a manner of speaking, yes. Here at Del Zotto’s, our team excels at providing consulting advice to companies that would like to set up a more efficient or streamlined set of processes with regard to concrete. We would be happy to work with you to develop your set of requirements.

In most companies that pour a significant amount of concrete, a concrete pump is used as an in-between device that pumps the concrete mixer dry and distributes the cement to your concrete pouring buckets directly. Concrete pumps tend to save you both time and energy, allowing you to put your resources to work doing the actual shaping and design work that you probably enjoy more anyway.

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