Tips for Using a Cement Cone Form

Manhole cover built with cone forms.

Precast concrete makes up a large portion of industrial infrastructure, including buildings, roads, retaining walls and bridges. These customized parts form the foundation on which many permanent structures stand, and they are known for their quality, strength and durability. Del Zotto Steel and Concrete Products of Florida is in the business of making these essential components with excellence, and our cement cone form products are just one of the many fine precast forms we manufacture in our Florida facility.

Cement Cone Manholes

The cement cone form has been used for many years to create the infrastructure of sewer system manholes. As a solid, durable form, it holds up to the rigors of heavy soil, road construction, vehicle travel and continuous vibrations, while providing safe road access to underground systems for maintenance workers.

Customized, Durable Precast Concrete

Most manhole cones offer narrow access at the top and widen underground to connect to risers, and system designers must configure these precast parts to create safe and functional access. Cement cones can handle heavy loads without reinforcing steel, and they can be built to any height while precisely meeting your detailed specifications.

Building built with the Principle of Arch Design.

Concentric and Eccentric Cones

The cement cone form systems are manufactured in two different shapes. Concentric cones are perfectly symmetrical with the manhole access centered at the top of the cone. Eccentric cones are angled, and the manhole access is placed to one side. The advantage of eccentric cones is that permanent ladder rungs can be added inside the cone to provide easy access, whereas concentric cones require a separate ladder system for access.

The Principles of Durability

The strong structure of cones is based on the principle of arch design. As a mainstay of historic gothic cathedral design, curved arches are capable of supporting vast amounts of weight via compression, also known as arch action. The curved arches used in bridges and other elements of industrial design look decorative, but they are actually a proven and trusted element of structural support that has been used for thousands of years.

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When we manufacture a cement cone form, we use our patented features, such as mechanical and air stripping, tapered aluminum pouring pans, and vibrator brackets and mounting plates. We can provide shop drawings and recommended reinforcing schedules as well. You can trust our reputation for quality; please contact us for more information about our products.