Why Should You Use Concrete Sealing Mastic?

Concrete sealing mastic from Del Zotto Products.

In the construction industry, concrete reigns supreme. Contractors build homes on concrete foundations. Crews use this fortifying substance for sidewalks, bridges, parking lots, curbs and in so many other structures. In a sense, modern civilization was laid upon this simple marvel.

But while concrete makes our lives smoother and considerably more secure, this powerhouse material – strong, immovable and permanent – has an Achilles’ heel: It can leave gaps. That’s where concrete sealing mastic enters the picture.

What Is Mastic?

Mastic is taken from the bark of Mediterranean trees and, as a resin, is used to make varnish and chewing gum. Mastic sealing is a powerful material that adheres to nearly every surface: wood, aluminum, marble, steel and cement. Construction workers often use concrete sealing mastic to connect windows and to seal foundations.

Mastic sealant can be used in home projects to seal around tubes and other areas where cracks or openings may appear. It is also used in roofing and for support in brick housing.

Construction worker putting concrete sealing mastic on two precast peices.

How Do You Use Mastic?

Here are a few considerations from ConcreteNetwork.com on the use of concrete sealing mastic and other fillers:

  • Mastic’s softness accommodates the expansions and contractions of concrete slabs, providing a permanent, firm seal. The seal prevents water, ice and dirt from entering structures.
  • Crews should use concrete sealing mastic after slabs have shrunk.
  • Concrete sealing mastic bonds permanently with concrete.
  • Surfaces should be dry and clean before concrete sealing mastic is applied.
  • Workers should use a bond breaker or backer rod to install mastic in joint bottoms, which prevents the sealant from sagging into joints.


Free of asbestos, Del Zotto’s high-density, polymer-based Sure Seal seals most solid surfaces against moisture, dust and air and is often used on pre-cast concrete joints. It comes in strips or rolls and can be bought by the box, pallet or truckload and in 17 different sizes.

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