What Are Liquid Containment Forms?

Concrete containment unit!

The construction industry faces some unique challenges. Builders often need to come up with custom solutions to satisfy clients. The logistics behind these projects can sometimes seem daunting. Del Zotto products are designed to make construction easier and more efficient. We offer everything from concrete pouring molds to liquid containment forms, to septic tank delivery trucks.

Liquid Containment Forms

Liquid containment is a little known but very important environmental issue. Liquid containment forms help protect the environment from hazardous material spills. The most common application is for petroleum fuels being stored above ground. The containment form protects the ground water and soil from potential contamination.

Regulatory agencies have strict rules governing the construction of these structures. All of our products in this category exceed regulatory requirements.
For example, our containment vessels all exceed the required capacities. With an extra 25 percent capacity, we provide for the possibility of precipitation at the time of a leak. By planning for weather events that could cause or accompany a leak, we demonstrate a commitment to quality that few others in the industry provide.

Concrete containment unit from Del Zotto Products.


Our containment forms are designed to be two-in-one solutions. They include lids. Other features that have been built into these structures include:

  • Adjustable to two sizes
  • Air releases
  • One piece inner core is strippable
  • Pour is one piece

Liquid containment is a serious issue and the risk of a leak is one Del Zotto takes seriously. We understand the complex legal and financial issues that can accompany non-compliance with regulatory agencies. Special care is always taken to ensure that clients’ needs are met.

Commitment To Quality

The Del Zotto family name is known for quality. Founder William John Del Zotto devised a process for making forms that were safer and easier to maintain. Early products included steps. The company quickly expanded to include larger forms, such as septic tanks. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality set a high standard that the company continues to maintain.

For more information on liquid containment forms or a detailed quote, contact us today. We value our good reputation within the concrete industry and are always happy to consult with a client about his or her needs.