Concrete Barrier Forms for Highways Help Reduce Crash Fatalities

Highway construction with barrier walls

Traveling along a busy highway in a vehicle at 70 mph might be second nature for most drivers. The rules of the road are simple: Keep in your lane, go with the flow of traffic and take precautions. Stick with courtesy and common sense driving and you’re sure to reach your destination safely.

But accidents inevitably happen – in fact, a head-on collision can occur within the time span of a yawn, according to U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. That’s one of the reasons why concrete barrier forms for highways are so vital.

Head-on collisions at highway speed cause the most serious injuries. Nearly 1,000 people are killed annually on federal highways alone from crossover crashes. To curb the incidence of deadly crossover crashes on busy highways, authorities require the use of median barriers in more congested or dangerous areas, which significantly reduce crash fatalities.

Concrete Barrier forms for Highways

Developed in the 1950s by the Stevens Institute of Technology, the barriers typically stand nearly three feet high and are made of steel-reinforced concrete. Traditionally, the barriers were formed on site. Modern innovations employ more efficient and convenient methods to enable contractors and road crews to install the median barriers.

Del Zotto Products Builds Toughness

Del Zotto Products has been in the business of building solid concrete barrier forms for highways and other cement-based equipment for decades, focusing on precast concrete products from pipes to lift stations.

Del Zotto Products uses the latest and the most advanced techniques and material to build median and highway concrete barrier with heavy-gauge steel for rugged, long-term use. The barriers are made with break-away outer walls with binder clamps. Del Zotto Products’ barriers are equipped with an elevated support frame and quick-lift pins.

Here are some specifications on the concrete-barrier forms.

  • Designed with four 2-inch diameter anchor bolt mounting holes
  • Standard Size of 4,000 pounds of concrete weight
  • Patented with the Del Zotto vibration system
  • Able to pour and strip fast
  • Made with forklift pockets on every barrier form
  • Available with custom modifications


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