How Do Concrete Dock Steps Stack Up Against Other Materials?

Dock step forms

Concrete docks are becoming a more popular choice than traditional wooden docks. They are assembled by setting modular floating components in place and securing them together. This provides a safe and long-lasting solution to exiting from the water or boating craft. Concrete dock step forms make this an easy solution.

Concrete docks are more popular

Does concrete float?

Each component actually consists of a concrete form built around a foam core of durable materials such as polyethylene. The displacement of water is far less than you’d get with a solid concrete slab, but much more resilient and stable than a hollow concrete form.

Pressure-treated wood

Specialty woods can be very expensive. Pressure treated woods use chemicals like chromated copper arsenates (CCA) that are bad for the environment and prohibited in many areas.


Most people assume that concrete docks are much more expensive than building wooden docks. A concrete dock also lasts more than twice as long as even the best-built wooden dock, leading to savings in the long term. It maintains its appearance with minimal maintenance compared to wood, providing further savings.


Elements are pre-fabricated with shapes such as dock step forms. This allows you to select the combination you want to fill your needs. These pieces are shipped by truck to your job location, unloaded into the water (they float!) and moved into position. Once they are secured in place, the dock is finished.


Fasteners typically consist of threaded stainless or galvanized steel rods to reduce rust and corrosion, even in salt water. They are simply inserted and bolted together. They may also include rubber pieces to act as a shock-dampening system, reducing wear and tear on the bolts.


Concrete docks themselves may be either floating or fixed docks. Each location will be unique. Fixed docks may require forms filled with mixed concrete sunken to the bottom. Floating docks may be secured to steel pilings or even simply anchored on the bottom. Products like dock step forms can then be used to add additional components.


Some people are concerned that the concrete can get too hot in the summer. In fact, concrete attracts no more sunlight than wood, but holds it longer. Concrete docks can still radiate warmth to provide more comfort after the sun has gone down.


Other solutions, like wood decking over foam or floats, aren’t as stable or long-lasting as concrete. Some modern products include polystyrene boards or panels, or fiber-reinforced plastics. While these are resilient, they aren’t as durable or as strong as concrete forms.

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