When Were Cement Pouring Buckets First Used?

Cement Pouring Buckets

Concrete has been in use as a construction material since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But one of the challenges has always been getting the wet mix to the right spot. Cement pouring buckets were in use early on but were very limited in that they had to be transported manually.

While the ancient world had its own version of the construction crane, it relied on a counterweight and was still limited in capacity. Steam cranes and mixers appeared in the 19th century, and by the 1860s hydraulic cranes were being widely used in construction.

Modern Era

The use of steam cranes made it possible to use bigger pouring buckets to expedite bigger construction projects. Massive cranes and cement pouring buckets were used in building the Hoover Dam, the largest concrete structure in the world at the time. Construction took place between 1933 and 1936 using 4-and 8-cubic-yard buckets.

These were the old style of cement bucket, massive cylinders that used a cable pull and a hinged, flat, two-piece bottom to dump the cement. They were continually moved into place by a network of nine overhead cableways and could tend to be unwieldy and even over-balance if moved too quickly.

New Invention

The inventor of the modern cement pouring bucket was George G. Morin, the holder of several patents on construction equipment. He first filed for U.S. patent number 2956832 in September of 1954. Morin’s design called for a bucket with a funnel-shaped lower section for more precise placement with an easier and safer cam lever mechanism to retract a smaller dump gate.

That’s the same basic design commonly used for today’s concrete construction. But now cement buckets come built into sturdy frames with caster wheels, pneumatic tires, forklift skids and other forms for more mobility on different types of job sites. They are often painted orange for added visibility and safety; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has regulations for the operation of pouring buckets.

Cement buckets can take a lot of abuse during a big construction job, and modern buckets are made of heavy steel. They are available in many different styles and sizes and can be manufactured to order.

Modern Cement Pouring Buckets were made of heavy steel

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