Steps to Building A Concrete Skate Ramp

concrete skate ramp

The rain may come. Wood may bend or rot. But a concrete skate ramp will always lead to the best kickflips, flip tricks, heelflips, ollies, fakies, goofyfoots and tailslides.

For the unenlightened, those are skateboard moves, and while wood ramps may make cool rolling noises, concrete provides unbeatable stability and precision. And they last forever.

Taking the Right Steps

How do you build a concrete skate ramp? Here are nine steps to get you rolling along.

Type of concrete skate park

      1. Decide what type of concrete skate ramp you want. What type of slope or shape do you want in the ramp? Use draft paper to plan your ramp. The ramp’s dimensions will help you determine how much concrete you’ll need.
      2. Clear the ground for your ramp’s location. Plan on building a strong foundation to support a heavy concrete skate ramp. Mark the area with stakes and string.
      3. Dig the foundation area six inches deep and use a 4-inch layer of crushed gravel to fill the depression.
      4. Use flat wood to build the concrete forms for the molds. Cut forms to make the ramp’s sides, the back and the slopes. Fasten the forms together with wood screws.
      5. Apply cooking oil to the outside of the forms to allow for easy removal later. Put the forms in place.
      6. Put down 3/8 inch rebar and fasten it together.
      7. After mixed to buttery consistency, pour in high-quality concrete from a cement mixer. Check out Del Zotto’s superior mixers. Let the concrete rise to the top of the forms.
      8. Use a hose to dampen the cement then wrap the ramp in builder’s plastic. Remove the sheeting after the ramps have dried and cured. Spray the ramps again then wrap it again. Repeat this for 28 days to allow the concrete skate ramp to harden to prevent cracking.
      9. Remove the screws from the forms and the wood forms. You’re ready to skate away.

Find the Best Concrete

The strongest, longest lasting and most resilient concrete helps ensure you build the best concrete skate ramp in the neighborhood.

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