8 Fun DIY Concrete Projects

DIY concrete projects

You might only associate concrete with construction workers and early 20th century Chicago mobsters. But concrete, the stuff of human civilization and architecture, also has many decorative and home-improvement uses.

Although mixing and allowing concrete to cure properly requires precision and careful planning, homeowners can find many wonderful uses for the material. Here are eight fun DIY concrete projects to get you on your way.

Concrete Outline House Numbers

Envision a round concrete slab with the outline of your house numbers removed on the inside. It’s great for front-yard gardens. Get foam numbers and a small mold in the shape you want. It doesn’t have to be a circle. Grass or flowers can grow up through the numbers too. Cool, right?

Concrete Drawer Pulls

Handy and chic, concrete drawer pulls require those little cardboard boxes from light bulbs, some concrete and screws. The pulls are kind of like those little Popsicles you used to make in ice trays.

Flower Vase Base

Concrete may not work so well for flower vases. But as little bases (round or square) for glass tubes or test tubes, concrete vase bases create a cool modern look. It’s just a small block of concrete with a hole for the vase.

DIY concrete projects

Concrete Clocks

Concrete clocks are easier to make than you think. They also allow for greater (and timely) creativity. You can make your clocks round, square, triangular or whatever shape you’d like. You create your own mold, pour in the concrete and insert the clock body. Then it’s ticking and tocking time.

iPad Stand

A simple popcorn box makes the perfect form for an iPad or iPhone stand. A piece of plastic is used as the holder or the little support in the square, cone-shaped stand to hold the iPad.

Framed Decorations

Concrete works great for making tiny decorations for holidays or for everyday use. Simply find a little mold and pour in concrete. Wait a day and then, voila. Take out the concrete and you got a little decoration, which can handle even the roughest beating.

Wall Bulb Hook

Now this one is cool – in an industrial, post-apocalyptic sense: Concrete “light bulbs” screwed into walls as hat or coat hooks. You just hollow out a light bulb, pour in concrete and insert a wooden screw head first, into the bulb opening to close it off.

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator concrete magnets are easy to make. Find a mold you like, pour in concrete and gently press in a small magnet. You can even use cookie tray molds.

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