The Benefits of Concrete Fencing

concrete fencing

You want to build a fence to keep the dogs, the kids, the intruders or even the door-to-door sales people out. Or in, depending on whom they belong to. Fences provide security, privacy and safety.

But what type of fencing do you want: wood, steel, coated aluminum, wrought iron, bamboo, vinyl, chain link, prefab concrete or concrete block? Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but concrete fencing provides the muscles and the brawn – and the aesthetics – to keep you safe, secure and content.

Concrete Fencing Advantages

What makes concrete fencing great? Concrete blocks serve as very durable retaining walls that provide the best sound buffers against outside noises. Concrete fences are also the easiest and least expensive to maintain.

You can also easily add to or modify concrete fences later with different height and design options. Construction is relatively easy and doesn’t require heavy machinery or other big equipment.

Concrete blocks are the strongest and longest lasting fencing material and only earthquakes can cause damage. It also lasts several decades.

Prefab Concrete

Prefab concrete fencing comes in a strong second. Rust, fire and termites have nothing on prefab concrete. It also comes in hundreds of different designs and color options. You will have to hire a contractor to install prefab concrete fencing.

concrete fencing

Other Types of Fencing

Wood may look nice, but it’s susceptible to termites, rotting and fire. Steel is strong compared to other fencing types except concrete, but styles and designs are limited. It also provides little privacy.

Aluminum may be inexpensive, but you really get what you pay for. It has little aesthetical versatility and provides little security or privacy.

Wrought iron has muscle and looks good, but it is not widely available. It also provides little privacy. Bamboo also looks nice and is generally durable, but it is new to the U.S. market, which makes it rather expensive. It also requires a lot of maintenance.

Vinyl may be inexpensive and easy to install, but it’s not just earthquakes that will topple this type of fence. Strong winds, heavy rain and rambunctious children can bring vinyl down easily. Chain link is strong and affordable, but rusts easily and provides little privacy. Slats purchased separately restrict visibility somewhat but can create a gaudy appearance.

Del Zotto Concrete Fencing

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