How to Pour Concrete Kitchen Counters the Right Way

concrete kitchen counters

Concrete kitchen counters are a great choice in residential or commercial kitchens. They’re very durable and affordable compared to some other materials, and the versatility of concrete provides many options in styles and shapes. Creating concrete kitchen counters isn’t difficult.

Prepare to Pour Concrete  Kitchen Counters

Are you ready to get to work. To prepare for your concrete kitchen counters, you will need:

  • A mixing tub
  • Power drill
  • Hand vibrator
  • A float
  • 2×4 screed
  • Counter reinforcement

You will also need a few bags of pre-mixed concrete designed for kitchen counters. . You can either create forms to make pre-cast countertops in sections or create and install a form in place at the job site. Don’t forget that concrete is usually around 18 pounds per square foot at 1.5″ thickness.

concrete kitchen counters

Mix the Concrete Mixture Properly

Follow the exact mixing instructions on the bag for the water-concrete ratio. You don’t want a mix that’s too wet and soupy. Add the water first and gradually stir in the dry mix, using a strong power drill with a mixing bit to break up any lumps and achieve a more uniform consistency. You might want to spread or tape plastic sheets around to protect kitchen floors or cabinets.

Spreading the Concrete Kitchen Counter Base

Scoop the mixture into the form and spread it evenly to about half the required thickness. Be sure the bottom is covered first and press it firmly into corners and edges, including any seams and around drains. Use your fingers to knead in the mix and eliminate air pockets. This should be at least a two person job since concrete can dry quickly. Finish by using a hand held form vibrator to eliminate any trapped bubbles.

Lay the Kitchen Counter Reinforcement

Lay the concrete kitchen counter reinforcement over the base. Properly sized, it should be about 1.5″ clear of the edges. Then you can add in the remaining concrete the same way to fill the rest of the form. Use the hand vibrator to remove any bubbling and then spread the top of the form to remove any excess.

Smooth the Kitchen Counter Surface

Float the surface of the concrete kitchen counters until they are nice and smooth. You can also add other finishes to your concrete kitchen counters, such as aggregates or flakes of glass. Hand-packing these with colored mixes can create a distinctive veined or other creative counter pattern.

Cure the Kitchen Counters

Clean up any excess concrete on the edges of the form or drains next. Lay a sheet of plastic over the kitchen counters to allow curing. Be sure everyone stays clear so as not to mar the surface. You may even want to put a sheet of plywood over it on low blocks over the frame to protect the concrete surface. Allow the concrete kitchen counters to rest and cure for four days before using them.

Contact the Concrete Experts

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